ITN International, the world leader in mobile NFC and cloud-based event solutions, serves corporate event producers, marketing agencies, tradeshow managers and exhibitors on six continents.

SCIENTIA is designed to provide unprecedented visibility into events. It enables corporate event managers, marketing agencies, tradeshow managers and exhibitors to evaluate their results—reliably and comprehensively—and formulate plans to improve future performance.

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SCIENTIA: The Event Analytics Project

Each of ITN’s products already includes a set of analytics capabilities. SCIENTIA is a separate, ongoing research initiative whose objective is to provide expanded insights and capabilities through applying deep and wide analytics to large amounts of aggregated event data.

A number of capabilities can emerge from analytics of this nature, including recommendations, discovery of emerging trends, and year-over-year tracking of the success of events and event marketing strategies.

From the broadest perspective, SCIENTIA aims to identify a new framework for assessing events and new indicators that will assist event producers and exhibitors seeking smarter ways to evaluate their activities. SCIENTIA also aims to identify new data collection strategies and suggested data sources for these indicators.

Clients who are interested in participating in the ongoing project should inquire. ITN collaborates with clients to apply analytics and business intelligence to their events, so they can gain an advantage in today’s competitive environment.